Isolation Tank
January 30 – February 26, 2021

Exhibition Text


All of these numbered days that settle in to us, as we glean bits of hope from the perseverance of our continued routines. We find solace in these rituals; we push against the madness of the day.

The sun on our sky’s dome has reached its farthest southward point. The days are getting longer again.

Isolation Tank presents a series of new sculptures from the artist, utilizing forms that long for meditation, serenity and the beauty of the natural world.

The continued comfort of a horizon line. We float gently towards that which keeps us pulsing forward.

Created in the final days of 2020, this series of new powder-coated steel works dives further into the formal visual language that Cody has developed over the last few years. They also expand on that language in response to the unique time in which we find ourselves. Many of his familiar elements are present here: foliage, microdot, abbreviated landscape, and abstracted figure. A sense of longing and alienation is subtly woven into his narrative.

Seclusion, protraction, rotation, extraction.

Cody Hudson currently splits his time between Chicago and rural Wisconsin. He presented a solo exhibition, I Have No One But You, at the gallery last summer.