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b. 1978, Minneapolis, MN

2005 MFA, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
2001 BFA University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, CA

Lake of Fire, ANDREW RAFACZ, Chicago, IL

Sheath, Shroud, Marie Kirkegaard Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
White Snake, video commission on the Sunset Strip with Andy Featherston, LA<> Art, Los Angeles, CA

Nothing without Providence, David B. Smith Gallery, Denver, CO
Desert Dispersion, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA
John Knuth, Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy

John Knuth, 5 Car Garage, Santa Monica, CA
Master Plan, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, IL
Vanishing Siren, special project, Photo LA, Los Angeles, CA
Fading Horizon, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
Faded State, mural at The Standard, Downtown LA, Los Angeles, CA
Elevated Uncertainty, Marie Kirkegaard Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

Living Will, Saline Valley Mining Shack, Death Valley, CA

Patriotic Practices, Land of Tomorrow, Louisville, KY

Sugarland, Circulationcentralen, Malmo, Sweden
Ungenious Alchemy (with James Krone), Sixteen to One, Los Angeles, CA
A Perfect Night JMOCA, with Kiersten Puusemp, Los Angeles, CA

Paintings MFA Thesis Exhibition, USC F2 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

(10 Days) (with Kiersten Puusemp), F-space, Los Angeles, CA
Summer Bash, Denver Research Group, Denver, CO
Iceland Sky (with Alison Gerber), I8 Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland

Material Matters, Marie Kirkegaard, Copenhagen, Denmark
Selected Works from the Bech Risvig Collection, Huset for Kunst of Design, Holstebro, Denmark
Amino Acids, curated by Marie Kirkegaard, ACME Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Highlight: Summer One, curated by Paul Efstathiou, Hollis Taggart Gallery, New York, NY
Bootleg Album, SASSAS fundraiser, 1301 P.E., Los Angeles, CA
In the Depth of the Surface, curated by Andrea Carpita, Ex Fabbrica, Milan, IT
Doppelgangers, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA
ARTBandini, with Misc. Press, Arturo Bandini, Los Angeles, CA
NK on Hamngatan, Absolut Art, Stockholm, Sweden
Face to Face: A Selection of International Emerging Artists from the Ernesto Esposito Collection, curated by Eugenio Viola, Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno, Italy

The Bloody Red Sun of Fantastic L.A., Praz Delavelad, Paris, France
Uncanny, curated by Shiva Aliabadi, Muzeumm, Los Angeles, CA
Splitting Light, University of Buffalo Art Galleries, Buffalo, NY
Color Fields, MassArt, Bakalar & Paine Galleries, Boston, MA

About Like So: The Influence of Painting, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT
Featured Artists, Loudhailer Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Veils, curated by Jhorday Dahl and Ariana Papademetropoulos, Underground Museum, Los Angeles, CA
Park, Self-Titled Space, Tilburg, Netherlands
New Prints 2014, International Print Center New York, New York, NY
We’ll Wear a Jolly Crown, curated by Aaron Skonick, Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY

Miami Project with Richard Heller Gallery, Miami, FL
PARK, curated by Colin Huerter, Self-Titled Space, Tilburg, NL
Dig the Dig, curated by Bettina Hubby, The Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa
Monica, CA
Prolific Nihilistic Psychedelic Punks, curated by Maya Lujan, POST Gallery,
Los Angeles, CA
Folding Time Rhymes, Greene Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA
Post Post Anxiety, International Art Objects, Los Angeles, CA
Black and White, Another Year in LA, Los Angeles, CA
Stephen Cohen Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Photography, Another Year in LA, Los Angeles, CA
Sketchbook Project, various galleries, US and International

Group Show, Space of Drawing, Copenhagen, Denmark
Drawing, Another Year in LA, Los Angeles, CA

Eat LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA, curated by
Fallen Fruit
HollywoodmerchmArt, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA,
curated by Emma Gray

Still Life 533 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Anna Fidler
Still Life Mile Post 5, Portland, OR, curated by Anna Fidler
Drama of the Gifted Child Pasadena Armory, Pasadena, CA, curated by David Burns
Multiples Co-Lab, Copenhagen, Denmark

Against the Grain, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA, curated by Christopher Russell
Inevitable Continuum, Locust Projects, Miami, FL
He Might be Crazy but He Aint Stupid, Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Artist/Gallerist< Another Year in LA, Los Angeles, CA, curated by David E. Stone

Talented Young People JMOCA at Co-Lab, Copenhagen, Denmark
Monster Drawing Rally Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
Made for Each Other Schalter, Berlin
Presence of the New, Shotgun Space, Los Angeles, CA
Maximum of Maximums, You and Me, Variety Candy, Los Angeles, CA

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, IL,
curated by Marc LeBlanc
MAY DAY, Market Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Ghosts are Everywhere, San Ardo, CA, curated by Marc LeBlanc and Katie Herzog
The New New School, Summer Intensive Dangerous Curve, Los Angeles, CA, curated
by Michael G. Bauer
Carmada MAK Center, Los Angeles, CA
Black Market Independent School of Art, San Francisco, CA

Grand Opening, USC School of Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA
Supersonic LA Design Center, Los Angeles, CA
Social Construction, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA
Delusionarium II, White Box Gallery, Marina del Rey, CA
Visual Scholars SAC Gallery, Santa Ana, CA
Inaugural Exhibition, F2, Los Angeles, CA

Group Show Big Love, Gothenborg, Norway
Komando Pfannenkuchen Daniel Hug Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Delusionariaum, Legacy Arts Gallery, Santa Ana, CA
Good Thru F-Space, USC, Los Angeles, CA
America’s Best, March to the Sea Gallery, Chicago, IL
Comfort Food (with Christopher Salveter), Soo V.A.C., Minneapolis, MN
Chicago Solution, Judith Ratch Gallery, Chicago, IL, juried by Ed Paschke
Design Events, Jack Olson Gallery, Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL

TIC TOC Chicago Performance Art Festival, Columbia University, Chicago, IL

Blast Off BFA Exhibition, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota,
Minneapolis, MN

Clean Dirty Works in Progress, Red Eye Theater, Minneapolis, MN

In the Depth of the Surface, Artviewer.com
In the Depth of the Surface, aujourdhui.pt, Lisbon, PT
Spray, Jonathan Griffin, ALAC Reader, Los Angeles, CA
Video Interview, Absolutart.com, Absolut, Stockholm, SW

A Flair for Flares, LA Weekly, Los Angeles, CA, Shana Nys Dambrot
Energie dalla “solida terra”, Art Texts Pics, ATPdiary.com, Milan IT, Andrea Cacace
Powerplant, Cura, Curamagazine.com, Milan IT
John Knuth: Powerplant, 2-Times.com, Milan IT
Fly Guy, Improper Bostonian, Boston, MA, Alexandra Cavallo

Interview//John Knuth, LUCIDA Mag. Queensland Center for Photography, Queensland,
The New Baroque, Aaron Skolnick, Louisville, KY

Illustration for MAKE Magazine, Chicago, IL
An Artist Who Gets a Lift From Gravity, New York Times, T Magazine, Maxwell
Williams, http://tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/10/16/on-view-an-artist-who-gets-alift-
Enchanting Paintings Made from the Puke of 250,000 Flies, WIRED,
Slow-Motion Emergency, Five Artsy Things to Do, Catherine Wagley, LA Weekly, Los
Angeles, CA
Burn, Baby, Burn, Standard Culture, http://standardculture.com/posts/7934-Burn-Baby-
Yes, These Paintings are Actually Made by Puking Flies, Huffingtonpost.com,
Disgustingly Beautiful House Fly Art, Boinboing.net, Maggie Koerth-Baker,
These Paintings are Made from the Barf of 200,000 House Flies, Michael Hession,
Gizmodo.com, http://gizmodo.com/these-paintings-are-made-from-the-barf-of-200-000-
Decomposed Compositions, John Knuth’s Fly Paintings. Drew Tewksbury, KCET, Los
Angeles, http://www.kcet.org/arts/artbound/counties/los-angeles/mocatv-john-knuth-flypaintings.
Falling From Great Heights, Holly Myers, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA
Falling From Great Heights, Phil Tarley, Fabrik Magazine, Los Angeles, CA
Falling From Great Heights, Matt Stromberg, Artpracitical.com
Falling From Great Heights, Phil Tarley, Fabrik Magazine, Los Angeles, CA
L.A. Artists show verve in “Drawing Los Angeles” Leah Ollman, Los Angeles Times,
Los Angeles, CA

I’m clean man, I’m clean, Geoff Tuck, Notes on Looking, Los Angeles, CA
Anxiety art, Catherine Wagley, LA Weekly, Los Angeles
Going In: Drawing (Los Angeles), Peter Frank, Fabrik Magazine, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Times Money Hangs Here, Suzanne Munchnic, Los Angeles Times, Los
Angeles, CA

Artist as Publisher, Omar Lopez Chahood, The Center for Book Arts, New York, NY
Against the Grain Christopher Russell, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los
Angeles, CA
Frieze, Against the Grain, Michael Bedford, London, England
BlackBook Magazine Rohin Guha, New York, NY
White Hot Magazine Against the Grain, Farrah Karapetian, Los Angeles, CA
THE Against the Grain, Carol Cheh, Los Angeles, CA
Art Scene Lost and Found, Mario Catajar, Los Angeles, CA
Saatchi Gallery Online Catherine Taft, London, England Artslant.com
Ending Decadence, Catherine Wagley, Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles Times
Around the Galleries, Leah Ollman, Los Angeles, CA
Artforum Online Critics’ Pick, Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer, New York, NY
New Angeles Monthly A History Repeats Itself, Maxwell Harwitt, June, Los Angeles,
Artists as Pornstars, Omar Lopez Chahood, Zing Magazine, New York, NY

Tip Berlin Made for Each Other, Berlin, Germany
Sydsvenskan Sockrad men inte sot by Carolina Soderholm, Malmo, Sweden
Talented Young People JMOCA, Los Angeles, CA

Delusionarium by Jesse Benson, Grand Central Press, Santa Ana, CA
New New School Intensive by Michael G. Bauer, Dangerous Curve, Los Angeles, CA
San Gabriel Valley Newspaper, This exhibition will have you going buggy by Ivy Dai,
San Gabriel, CA

SF Weekly Wild at Art by Sharon Mizota, San Francisco, CA
Social Construction, Abner Nolan and Scott Snibbe, Southern Exposure,
San Francisco, CA
USC MFA Catalogue Essay by Francis Stark, USC School of Fine Arts,
Los Angeles, CA

Comfort Food Dara Moskowitz, Soo Visual Art Center, Minnepolis, MN
Chicago Solution, Ed Paschke, Gallery on Lake, Chicago, IL

TIC TOC Chicago Performance Art Festival, Columbia University, Chicago, IL